Los Altos, October 7, 2013, Canary Learning announced the release of its new app, CanaryFlow, which manages the distribution and collection of assignments in the classroom.

As assignments are distributed, completed, turned in, graded, and returned, they go through a process of one to many, many to one, and one back to many. This process has always had issues, even with traditional paper and pencil. Adding in digital devices has only complicated those issues. Canary Learning Founder Greg Velasquez says, “In designing CanaryFlow 1.0, we are aiming to solve some of the problems teachers face when using digital devices that are intended to simplify their classroom.”

CanaryFlow facilitates the distribution of assignments and resources from teachers to students. It functions as a workflow app, enabling a seamless back and forth exchange of assignments. Students submit their work, which is then received, graded, and returned by the teacher, all within a single app: CanaryFlow. It includes the ability to see items such as assignments, submissions, graded work, resources, messages between teacher and student, and tests and quizzes. With two schools already piloting the app, Greg is looking towards the future. “We intend to continue making a difference in education by harnessing the power of technology.”

About Canary Learning
Canary Learning Inc., headquartered in Los Altos, CA, was founded to provide K-12 schools with technology to improve the learning experience for teachers, students, parents and administrators under the guiding principles that educational software should be powerful, simple to deploy and be available to use where ever and whenever the teachers and students need it.


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