Los Altos, February 2, 2016, Canary Learning announces its acclaimed LMS is now available as a Chrome App.  Canary Learning offers teachers time saving grading tools and offline capabilities not found in any other classroom workflow application.

Canary Learning delivers innovation to teachers that saves them time, enables new insights and gives students the best possible learning experience. Using CanaryFlow Teacher, teachers can distribute assignments and materials with a single click. With CanaryFlow Student, students can access those materials and assignments even when offline. With one click, students submit their completed work; back in the classroom, teachers have instant feedback as to who has and has not completed assignments.

Teachers can then use Canary Learning’s grading tool, which was designed with the trusty red pen in mind. Teachers can quickly grade assignments, online or offline, without ever leaving the app. Grading results are tallied while the teacher annotates right on the screen, and flow directly into Canary Learning’s Gradebook, saving teachers hours every night. Once the teacher publishes a graded assignment, students can see their grade, including the teacher’s feedback, whether they are using their Chromebook, a browser or an iPad.

“With the additional accessibility provided by the Chromebook, Canary Learning continues to innovate for students and teachers,” claims David Vogt, CEO. “We strive to provide a product that not only enriches lives and learning but also allows the focus to be on content, not delivery.”

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About Canary Learning

Canary Learning is a “digital sidekick” for the teacher in the classroom, handing out materials, collecting student assignments, and managing the grading process all on one platform, on any device and is available to use wherever and whenever the teachers and students need it—even offline. Canary Learning offers equity of access without the internet, seamless integration of paper, collaboration beyond sharing files and folders and student organization and time management in one easy to use solution.

Canary Learning is available as both a free, stand-alone product for individual classrooms and teachers or as a fee-based, integrated enterprise solution for schools and districts.

To see a demo or to get additional information, please call 1-800-399-3981 or click on www.canarylearning.com

For more information please contact:
Desiree Vogt