Student Engagement in an Organization App?

CanaryFlow appears to be a simple daily planner when viewed by students - displaying the lesson for today, materials to be used, and in-class and after-class assignments. Students easily can see what is due today, tomorrow, and this week. Students can see [...]

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Canary Learning enhances CanaryFlow with their Revolutionary Teacher Collaboration Tool CanaryShare.

Los Altos, September 16 2015, Canary Learning announced its new teacher collaboration tool, CanaryShare. Canary Learning is the maker of the classroom workflow and collaboration tool, CanaryFlow. CanaryShare is available both in the iOS CanaryFlow application and on any browser. CanaryShare provides [...]

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TechSpeak – Preview lesson builder screen mock

For those of you familiar with our 1.x product, you know we had a lesson builder and scheduler which was dropped from our 2.0 release. Thanks to feedback from teachers like you, a much improved version is coming back! In this post [...]

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You can’t borrow my crayon because there is no share button

Every kid knows that by sharing their toys, their universe of entertainment and fun expands enormously. As adults we know that big problems can be solved by using collaboration to divide and conquer. We all instinctively understand this, so why do so [...]

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CanaryFlow goes cross platform!

Los Altos, September 3 2015, Canary Learning, maker of the classroom workflow and collaboration tool CanaryFlow, announces immediate availability of CanaryFlow on the web. Now teachers and students can access all the powerful features of CanaryFlow from either the native iOS application or [...]

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Software and ketchup have more in common than you think!

My daughter recently asked me why the ketchup bottle label was printed upside down while the mustard label was right side up. While it might not seem like it, this goes to the core of why it's so hard to build software [...]

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Canary Learning releases CanaryFlow 2.0

Los Altos, August 6, 2015, Canary Learning announces the release of CanaryFlow 2.0, Canary Learning's connected learning platform. CanaryFlow continues to manage classroom workflow, providing teachers with a single organized view of courses, the ability to perform in-app grading, and the ability [...]

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4 Great Apps for Offline Content in the Classroom

These apps are some of the handiest apps for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and you aren't limited to using them only when you are online. You can be on an airplane or a remote beach and still use your devices without [...]

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Connected Learning Without the Internet

One of the most overlooked considerations in 1:1 technology programs is the ability for students to complete digital assignments at home. For most households this is not a problem, but according to Census data more than 25% of U.S. households do not [...]

Our Product… CanaryFlow… has been Updated

Whether you are a CanaryFlow power user or a new user the new feature set in the latest update will help everyone. Here is what you can expect in our latest release: - No need to register!  You can now tap [...]

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