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Canary Learning is now available as a Chrome App

Los Altos, February 2, 2016, Canary Learning announces its acclaimed LMS is now available as a Chrome App.  Canary Learning offers teachers time saving grading tools and offline capabilities not found in any other classroom workflow application. Canary Learning delivers innovation to teachers [...]

4 Great Apps for Offline Content in the Classroom

These apps are some of the handiest apps for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and you aren't limited to using them only when you are online. You can be on an airplane or a remote beach and still use your devices without [...]

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Connected Learning Without the Internet

One of the most overlooked considerations in 1:1 technology programs is the ability for students to complete digital assignments at home. For most households this is not a problem, but according to Census data more than 25% of U.S. households do not [...]

Today’s Tablet Learning Experience

The tablets today - specifically Apple's iPad - have grown in complexity, but have also allowed the teacher, student, and parent to engage in the educational process like never before. Tablet learning allows all of these participants to be more efficient. Teachers [...]

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Apple’s iPad in Education – Results

Apple's iPad changes the way teachers teach and students learn. Since 2010 - when the iPad was first introduced - education has benefited from this introduction in both content delivery and classroom management. Students, educators, parents, and institutions are using [...]

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