Teacher Collaboration

Much like artists, teachers use technology to Inspire Millions

I saw this image this week, and it made me laugh, because “duh!” right?  I mean, “duh” may not be the most articulate word I could have picked but it is succinct and to the point. No one looks at Pixar’s chief [...]

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Teacher Collaboration: Benefiting Teachers and Students

We teach our children to share, to cooperate, to play nicely– to be good citizens who work together to make their world a better place. In business, we emphasize teamwork, encourage community spirit, and build relationships. Yet the traditional picture of teaching [...]

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Canary Learning enhances CanaryFlow with their Revolutionary Teacher Collaboration Tool CanaryShare.

Los Altos, September 16 2015, Canary Learning announced its new teacher collaboration tool, CanaryShare. Canary Learning is the maker of the classroom workflow and collaboration tool, CanaryFlow. CanaryShare is available both in the iOS CanaryFlow application and on any browser. CanaryShare provides [...]

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You can’t borrow my crayon because there is no share button

Every kid knows that by sharing their toys, their universe of entertainment and fun expands enormously. As adults we know that big problems can be solved by using collaboration to divide and conquer. We all instinctively understand this, so why do so [...]

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