Hand it out, Get it back, Grade it
CanaryFlow enables teacher to hand out stuff to students.

Hand it out

Create assignments and handouts from existing Google Docs, PDFs, Office files, apps or paper.  These assignments are automatically downloaded to students’ devices, so students can work from home or on the go.

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CanaryFlow enables teacher to hand out stuff to students.

Get it back

Students submit work from anywhere, even offline.  Canary enables you to see who has submitted.  The act of “Collecting” downloads these assignments to your device so you are ready to grade even offline.

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CanaryFlow enables teacher to hand out stuff to students.

Grade it

Canary helps you grade by remembering frequently used comments for each assignment, tallying student grades while you annotate, and managing the students’ incomplete, late and even resubmitted assignments.

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Classroom Workflow | Handing it out & Getting it back

One big challenge teachers face today is managing the flurry of daily assignments to and from students. CanaryFlow Teacher allows teachers to distribute and collect assignments and materials.

Using CanaryFlow, students can see materials and assignments, even when they are offline. With one click, students submit their completed work. It is that easy. Back in the classroom, teachers have instant feedback on who has and has not completed assignments. No more counting papers to see if they are all there, no more checking off names to see who has not turned in work.

CanaryFlow was created for grade school through high school classrooms, meaning students can use the same classroom workflow at any educational level. CanaryFlow is simple, easy to use, and intuitive.

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CanaryGrading | Grading Tool

CanaryFlow Teacher’s innovative grading tool gives hours of time back to teachers as they grade endless amounts of student work throughout the week. With offline access and no document loading time, teachers can grade anytime and anywhere.

Speed up grading with CanaryFlow’s automatic scoring tabulation, one-touch messaging and resubmission requests. As assignments are graded, our grading tool will remember assignments from today, tomorrow, and in the future. Teachers will only need to write out an explanation one time, and the comment can then be recalled instantly anytime in the future.

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CanarySyncTM, our “Take it with you Technology,” enables devices to sync in the background without any additional effort. No matter which device students or teachers are using, the application operates seamlessly.  For example, a teacher can switch from uploading assignments with a laptop in the classroom to using gesture-based grading on an iPad at home without having to remember to press “Save.”  

In addition, since our iPad version supports full offline functionality, teachers can grade even without a network connection. Everything synchronizes transparently when network coverage returns.  All push-based capabilities are also fully cross-platform, so edits to lessons, schedules or assignments on laptops or iPads are immediately reflected on all student devices, regardless of device type, once the user is online.  There is no need to manually sync, press a button, or remember to save to your computer or to a cloud drive.

Our unique offline technology is very popular with teachers who want to grade on the go. All of the students’ assignments are effortlessly stored to the CanaryFlow application.  When teachers don’t have wireless access, they can still use the application to grade assignments. At the dentist, waiting for kids at baseball or gymnastics, or at home, CanaryFlow is available — anytime, anywhere.  

Course Manager

Using Canaryflow’s Course Creator, teachers can easily add assignments to a single class or to all classes within a course. Teachers can add materials the day of the lesson and reflect those changes on the students’ devices immediately.

CanaryFlow makes it easy for the teacher to plan the year’s curriculum by saving and moving lessons forward each year. There is no need to re-enter schedules, materials and assignments each year. Teachers can even section lessons into units and rearrange when the lesson or unit will be taught. So perhaps last year Macbeth came before Hamlet, but this year Hamlet will be taught first to coincide with a field trip to the local repertory theatre.  Teachers can move daily lesson plans quickly and easily to make the curriculum fit the class.

Do you have a group of teachers that share a course? With our innovative Teacher Collaborative features, teachers aren’t alone. You can share the materials you want with the colleagues you choose.

Student Experience

Students can see all of the content teachers want them to see in CanaryFlow. All assignments past, current, and future are in one location for easy viewing. Both teachers and students have a calendar view to see any and all content for each class.

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Native iOS Apps

CanaryFlow’s native iOS apps were purpose built for the iPad. With one touch grading, inline swipe gestures, and the ability to import from or link to any other app, CanaryFlow’s apps work offline for both Teachers and Students.