Software designed to make teachers’ work easier

CanaryFlow’s in-app grading tool was designed with the trusty red pen in mind, taking into account that technology should make your life easier. Using CanaryFlow Teacher, you can quickly grade assignments on or offline without ever leaving the app (and for no additional fee!). Student assignments can be organized in a roster order you have defined and that order will be maintained for each subsequent assignment. Grading results are automatically tallied and flow directly into the Gradebook, saving you hours every night.

Graded papers can be returned to your students whenever you decide, with just a click of a button.

Mark and Score

CanaryFlow’s in-app grading tool makes it easy for teachers to mark up and score all student assignments. Teachers will never have to draw another check mark on a student’s paper again. The automatic tool allows teachers to mark and score a student’s assignment with only a few clicks. Our ✓and ✕ allows teachers to add or deduct points with ease. Multiple taps add and deduct multiple points. Imagine never having to add up a student’s score again; CanaryFlow does the calculation for teachers. Faster calculations equals faster grading and more time for teachers.
Once saved, a student’s score gets automatically entered into the in-app grade book. Then immediately (and without any loading time) start grading the next student’s assignment. Everything CanaryFlow does is meant to save a teacher time, without losing the flexibility of how they want to work and where.

Grade Everywhere

CanaryFlow allows teachers to grade whenever and wherever they please. Once a teacher collects an assignment, CanaryFlow downloads the student submissions, making them available to grade anytime — even when offline. This downloading to the cache saves time in grading because there is no document loading time. Flipping to the next paper in a stack of student work can’t beat this speed.

With CanaryFlow there is no more lugging around stacks of student work or finding an Internet connection to grade digital work. CanaryFlow works while waiting for an appointment, sitting on a living room couch, or even on the beach. Everything works offline. When an Internet connection is resumed, the app syncs everything in the background. If a teacher has published the scored assignments, once synced, the assignments are visible to the students.

Annotate and Highlight

Automatic deductions and check marks are beneficial, but sometimes teachers need to write, draw, or highlight portions of a student’s paper. CanaryFlow’s annotation and highlighting tools let teachers fully maximize their grading, just as if they were grading with a red pen. CanaryFlow offers the best of annotation with pinch to zoom, highlighting and writing.

Recently Used Comments

All of the comments teachers make in CanaryGrading are saved to be reused again and again on other assignments and even for other classes. This saves time because you don’t have to type the same feedback over and over again. A simple one-touch action allows you to use that comment on multiple students papers. Think of the time saved by not having to type “run-on sentence” or “show work” on each paper. That time adds up; we help eliminate the redundancy of grading.

More Tools

CanaryFlow gives teachers the flexibility to request resubmissions, message a student or ignore calculations for a submission. Sometimes students need to turn in work again; perhaps it was incomplete or they didn’t follow directions. CanaryFlow’s one touch resubmission feature allows a teacher to request a resubmission from a student. After a student has resubmitted the new work, there is no reason to erase calculations from the original submission. A teacher can tap the “ignore calculations” icon and that marked up assignment no longer factors into the calculation.

We also understand that not every assignment is going to need to be calculated using deductions which is why every assignment can be scored manually in the grading tool and gradebook. When any manual grade is entered, the CanaryFlow app changes these scores to red to show that no calculations have occurred.

CanaryFlow offers the ability to message a student straight from the grading tool. It is all these tools that allow a teacher to do their grading more efficiently without losing the flexibility of pen and paper. Beyond the capacity of grading with pen and paper, teachers can select to jump to any other student’s work by selecting a name in the student slide-out and that student’s work will immediately appear.

Teachers can tap on the “Late” button to change the status of any assignment straight from the grading tool.

CanaryFlow’s inline swiping gestures allow teachers to work with flexibility. Simply swipe an assignment and everyone that turned in the work will show as “reviewed” and everyone that didn’t complete the work will get an “incomplete.”

While grading assignments, teachers have access to one click features such as messaging a student, toggling late/not late student work and requesting a student resubmission. Additionally, resubmissions have additional options to choose from such as being incomplete or the wrong assignment as well as any other reason a teacher might give.