CanaryFlow: Classroom Workflow Software

CanaryFlow is a classroom workflow platform that was built to provide teachers with a comprehensive solution to manage all of their digital content. Features include lesson management and scheduling, fast grading, reminders, and an insight into assignments never seen before.

In building CanaryFlow, we asked what would a teacher do if the mundane were automated?

We believe they would demonstrate, communicate and educate.

Manage Classroom Workflow:

CanaryFlow offers the easiest and best way to manage all the workflow between teachers and students. Teachers simply add an assignment with or without attached content and students will be able to view and submit their work.

CanaryFlow’s advanced features include remembered due dates. CanaryFlow remembers the first due date for the assignment and applies the number of days to the next time it is scheduled, no matter how many days apart or even into the next year.

  A Better Way to Distribute and Organize Content:

One of the biggest challenges teachers face today is managing the flurry of daily assignments to and from students. CanaryFlow Teacher allows teachers to distribute and collect assignments and materials.

Students in CanaryFlow can see materials and assignments, even when they are offline. With one click, students submit their completed work. It is that easy. Back in the classroom, teachers have instant feedback on who has and has not completed assignments. No more counting papers to see if they are all there, no more checking off names to see who has not turned in work.

CanaryFlow was created for grade school through high school classrooms, meaning students can use the same classroom workflow at any educational level. CanaryFlow is simple, easy to use, and intuitive.

CanaryFlow Assignment

CanaryGrading | A Faster Way to Grade:

CanaryFlow Teacher’s innovative grading tool gives hours of time back to teachers as they grade the endless amounts of student work throughout the week. With offline access and no document loading time, teachers can grade anywhere and everywhere.

Speed up grading with CanaryGrading’s automatic calculations with quick touch additions and deductions, one-touch messaging and resubmission requests. As assignments are graded, our grading tool will remember assignments today, tomorrow, and in the future. Teachers will only need to write out an explanation one time. And the answer will be there with our one click comment technology.

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See Who Has Submitted an Assignment:

While students are turning in assignments, teachers can see the amount of submitted work in CanaryFlow Teacher. When a student turns in work, a green check mark will appear in real-time next to their name.

When the assignment is officially due, the teacher can press the “Collect” button and all the work moves to “To Be Graded.” Teachers can also grade assignments as students submit work.

Allow Students to View Curriculum:

Students have a view of all the content teachers want them to see in CanaryFlow. All assignments past, current, and future are in one location for easy viewing. Both teachers and students have a calendar view to see any and all content for each class.