Los Altos, November 28, 2014, Canary Learning announced a new release of their app, CanaryFlow, a native iOS app which manages classroom workflow.

CanaryFlow Teacher and Student Apps are the first completely connected learning software designed for teachers using native iOS technology. It’s simple to set up and easy to use. And because it is a native app, it takes advantage of the iPad features you want: gestures, swiping and on screen editing with a much more robust feature set that was made for the iPad. It provides teachers with a single, organized view of schedules, assignment status, materials, schedules, and more. CanaryFlow delivers innovation to teachers that saves them time, enables new insights, and gives their students the best possible learning experience.

The product deals with one of the biggest challenges teachers face today, managing the flurry of daily assignments to and from students. CanaryFlow Teacher enables teachers to distribute assignments and materials. These materials and assignments can be seen by students in CanaryFlow Student, even when those students are offline. With one click, students submit their completed work. It is that easy. Back in the classroom, teachers have instant feedback as to who has and has not completed assignments; no more counting papers to see if they are all there, no more checking off names to see who hasn’t turned it in.

Teachers can then use CanaryFlow’s in-app grading tool which was designed with the trusty red pen in mind. Using CanaryFlow Teacher, teachers can quickly grade assignments, on or offline, without ever leaving the app. Grading results are tallied automatically and flow directly into CanaryFlow’s in-app Gradebook, saving teachers hours every night.

Both apps include CanarySync, Canary Learning’s “Take it with you Technology” which enables the devices to sync in the background without any additional effort. And since CanaryFlow supports full offline functionality, students can submit homework, and teacher can grade even without a network connection and everything synchronizes transparently when network coverage returns.

“Our unique offline technology has proven to be very popular as a solution for teachers who want to grade on the go. All of the students assignments are transparently stored on the iPad so when teachers don’t have wireless access, they can still use the product, including the ability to grade assignments,” claims David Vogt, Chief Technical Officer.

These features all come in the CanaryFlow App, which is currently available in the Apple App Store.

About Canary Learning
Canary Learning Inc., headquartered in Los Altos, CA, was founded to provide K-12 schools with technology to improve the learning experience for teachers, students, parents and administrators under the guiding principles that educational software should be powerful, simple to deploy and be available to use wherever and whenever the teachers and students need it.