Being a student today is complicated

Being a student today is complicated, mobile learning should not be. For mobile learning to reach its full potential, it needs to be easy for students. CanaryFlow offers a simple, highly organized view into schedules, assignments, study materials, and more. It also empowers students with innovative capabilities such as, simple assignment tracking, alerts and reminders, homework load forecasting, and easy search-ability.

Students may whether their teacher accepts files via Dropbox or Google Drive. Or, that teacher only accepts Notability files, while another teacher requires the files printed and then scanned in.

Doing the work is hard enough, and “filing the work” shouldn’t require an IT person at home.  At Canary Learning we respect students, and provide students with tools they need to do their job. We want to make the work about the assignment, not about the process.

CanaryFlow offers single click assignment submission. It does not matter if the student what the student uses such as pen and paper, Google Drive or any annotation tool. Even if the student is currently working offline as soon as internet connection is regained the teacher will have access to the homework all without additional work by the student.

Canary Learning is all about making the process less complicated for the student and teacher. Ask your teacher to try CanaryFlow today.

Canaryflow Student doing homework