We are an Educational Software Company.

“Canary Learning was founded to help K-12 schools take connected learning to its full potential. Our idea was to help teachers and students use technology in their classrooms in the simplest, most productive way possible. We believe schools should have the same caliber of software found in the corporate world, and yet a user experience comparable to consumer applications. We believe CanaryFlow delivers both.”

Greg Velasquez, Founder

  • Based in Silicon Valley, CA
  • A unique team of experienced educators, proven entrepreneurs, and engaged parents, all passionate about improving education
  • Developing cloud-based software solutions for schools using mobile devices

We believe this transformation will pay off.

It’s very clear today that schools using mobile devices need specially designed software to take connected learning to its full potential.

At Canary Learning, we are excited to be an early leader in transforming the connected educational experience and believe strongly in the return on the efforts and investments being made by leading teachers and schools today. In order to support that effort, we are developing a wide range of software solutions to help schools that are adopting mobile devices. Our latest product, CanaryFlow, is the first connected learning software designed for mobile devices with complete offline functionality. It’s simple to set up and easy to use.

Why Choose Us

      • A company founded by teachers for teachers, with Silicon Valley’s brightest to implement their ideas.
      • We involve students, administrators and parents in creating a product that meets the needs of all stakeholders.
      • Thoughtful planning for the maximization of learning outcomes.
      • A responsive team, implementing customizations for even tiny schools to make better products for our customers.